Free Books

Back in 2004, I finished writing a little book about our family’s adventures in homeschooling and decided to make it freely available by pdf download. I also wrote another little book on helping kids with writing. Both are available in pdf form in links on this page.

The pdf for the main book, “Okay Kids, Time for Bedlam” is linked to the book cover image below, but first you may want to read what the family has to say:

Melissa100x125“Just a warning people. You really shouldn’t believe everything my mom says. Just because it’s in a book, doesn’t make it true.  And I know because I’ve read millions of books.”


“Dudes, my mom knows nothing about music. Or how to draw in 3-D on bedroom walls. Or writing secret notes with disappearing ink. And she couldn’t put a toaster back together if her life depended on it.”


“When Debbie first said she wanted to homeschool, I grimaced. I thought she had finally gone off the deep end. I guess I was right.”

Click the image below to download a pdf of the book:


The second item I have available is a free e-book on writing. “The Write Way To Have Fun” is for everyone, child or adult, who wants to free themselves from schoolish ways of thinking about writing. In this book, I explain some of the ideas our family used as we learned to relax and play with words. The book includes real examples of writing my kids did when they were elementary age. The book comes with a guarantee that it will inspire at least one family member to write or I will pay you $100.00! Instructions are at the end of the book which you can download by clicking the image below:



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