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The Case of the Missing Comma

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I think I’ve found the perfect gift. I’m giving her a comma. I hope she’ll be able to use it. She sure could have used one several weeks ago when, in the heat … Continue reading

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Parallel Parking Pain

Latest column for the News and Tribune: Last month in Madison Indiana, a parallel parking lesson went bad, oh so bad, when the driver accidentally slammed the accelerator and ended up inside a restaurant. No one was hurt but I’m … Continue reading

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Back To It

NOTE: Starting June 2015, I began writing a monthly column for the News and Tribune again. I plan to archive the columns here as well. HARBESON: The Big Comeback Recently overheard on the Big 4 Bridge: “Harold did you hear … Continue reading

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I Have Perfect Breasts

I was told by two women yesterday that I have perfect breasts. Not just perfect but textbook perfect. These two women who were really, and I mean really checking them out too. Okay, yeah, they were mammogram technicians, but still, … Continue reading

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A Hairy Situation

NOTE: This is the first in what I imagine will be an ongoing series I shall call “News You Can’t Use.” Late last month a Federal Appeals Court ruled against an Indiana government school policy that restricts the length of … Continue reading

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It’s All So Familiar

Oh dear reader, I know how much you have not been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to but too bad because I’m going to tell you anyway. As you may already know, I’ve been busy taking … Continue reading

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Dancing in my Head

There is an ugly truth that people who have known me as an adult only find out at weddings or fancy holiday parties: I can’t dance. The really strange thing about my inability to relax and move my body to … Continue reading

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